The Chehalis Cup Rules


Chehalis Cup Rules 2009

Rev Original

Released October 2008

All AMA Rules governing competition will be in effect with the following exceptions.

Northwest 80 Mile per hour combat rules will be in effect with the following exceptions.






1.     Shutoffs                                                       

1.1  The Shutoff must be a line tension type. NO SWING ARM shut offs will be permitted. At the beginning of each match, the pilot must demonstrate that the Shutoff functions correctly.

1.2  The Shutoff will be tested at the beginning of the first match. If the equipment is changed, the CD must be notified and the shutoff retested. Failure to test a new shutoff will result in disqualification from the contest.

2. Starting                                                   

2.1  Electric starters are not allowed. A one-minute starting period will be permitted.

2.2  If the pilot is unable to start their own engine or has someone else start their engine, they must stand next to the airplane until the glow plug clip is removed. The pilot can then go into the circle. At anytime during the match the airplane needs to be started, the above applies.







3. Matches

3.1  A contest will consist of up to five matches followed by a fly off for first, second, third, and fourth. Anytime during the contest, upon a unanimous vote of the pilots, fewer than five matches may be flown before the finals.

3.2  Five minutes will be allotted for each match. There will be a one-minute starting period. At the conclusion of the one-minute starting period, any airplane that is not airborne will receive ground time per 4.2. Once both airplanes are airborne, the pilots in the circle, and the airplanes separated by approximately 180 degrees, combat will begin.

3.3  A mid air collision or flyaway will not terminate the match. Scoring will continue as normal. A fly away will be scored as ground time. Attempting to fly an unsafe model will result in a disqualification.



4. Match Scoring

4.1  Fifty points will be awarded for each distinct cut of the opponentŐs streamer. There is a cut each time the model, propeller, or lines fly through the opponentŐs streamer, resulting in particles become detached from the streamer. A cut that contains string only will not count.

4.2  There will be one point deducted for each second of ground time.

4.3  There will be a one-minute starting period. Failure to become airborne after the one-minute starting period will result in the ground time clock started. The clock will not stop until the airplane is airborne.                                        3352400.jpg

4.4  At the conclusion of a match, the contestant will receive 50 points for each cut. For each second of ground time one point will be subtracted. The contestant with the most positive points or fewest negative points wins the match and will receive one point toward the Chehalis Cup.

4.5  In the event of a tie, both contestants have the same number of points, one-half point will be awarded at each contestant toward the Chehalis Cup.

4.6  Both contestants will forfeit a match when in the opinion of the judges a pilot intentionally lets another pilot get cuts. No Chehalis Cup points will be awarded.







5. Finals

5.1  At the conclusion of the match portion of the contest, the top four flyers will fly for first, second, third, and fourth. The final four will be selected following the following format:

a. Most wins = first seeding

b. Second most wins = second seeding

c. Third most wins = third seeding

d. Fourth most wins = fourth seeding

First seeding will fly fourth seeding. Second seeding will fly third seeding. The winners will fly for first and second. The losers will fly for third and fourth. In the event of a tie during the finals, the contestants will re-fly until a winner is determined.

5.2  When the seeding cannot be determined from the wins record the following will be applied. Record against those who have the same number of wins.

b. Record against common opponents



6. Chehalis Cup Points

6.1  At the conclusion of all matches, points will be awarded per the following:

a. Each contestant will get one point for each win during the qualifying rounds.

b. Each contestant will get one-half point for each tie during the qualifying rounds.

c. Each of the top four flyers, once the tiebreaker is applied, will receive one point.

d. The top finisher will receive an additional three points, the second finisher will receive two points, and the third finisher will receive one point. The fourth place finisher will not receive additional points for finishing fourth.

6.2  There will be five contests for the Chehalis Cup. Points from each contest will accumulate toward the Chehalis Cup. At the conclusion of the fifth contest, the flyer with the most points will win the Chehalis Cup.

In the event of a two-way tie, there will be a best of three fly off for first. In the event of a three-way tie, each pilot will fly the other two pilots.